Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Guy: On Being in Session

"Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken." -
~Oscar Wilde~

In here, there is a tendency to give away your power. You are thinking it now. You are thinking: "This can be done so well without me, why interfere and possibly muck up the process. My idea might not be as useful"....etc.

We must nip this in the bud. Recognize that nothing that gets said here is not initiated by you. We are going to operate with you on a conscious level, which means that you have to work, and bring the unconscious to conscious present it, and trust. Another level of trust. That is something is running around in your mind, that makes it relevant to you...and us.

Do not disclaim your part in this process. Make sure you are in the moment. Remember and realize that whatever happens happens with your full and willing participation. You bring yourself wholly here, with expectations and anticipation of something that is not impossible to you; because you have already done the work that is preliminary...on an energetic level you have made decisions that what you feel and know are valid.

Claim that and ground yourself in that rather than over here in us; for we act as catalyst and coach, nothing else. This is a process of bringing what you already know to the front, reminding you of the energy form of it; much of what you learn here you are using at an energy level. Ava's channeling here is a hook to you; initiated and instigated through you. How much of that are you willing to own?

Recognize that the outside world (off-planet, out-of-this-dimension) is in service to you; comes at your request, does not come to change you, but to serve you, participate with you. We are a tool, mirror.

BE PRESENT here as cause, not effect. Recognize the power behind that, the amount of forethought, energy, willingness, dedication and devotion that it calls upon from you to allow this to happen at all. You are in change and flux, and you called for help in your transition. We will not cooperate in your diminishing yourself here; for it is important for you to sit in this seat of power, for it is only from this position that you can engage yourself fully with what you call your soul.

Your soul is already engaged, in a sense, but has been rejected, in a subtle sense, by you through a feeling of lack of worth. Through the feeling that you diminish your soul, rather than enhance it...which is not the case, it cannot be the case.

Everything that you do, think, feel, is crucial and pertinent...not only to the fuller aspects of yourself, but to everyone and everything in the universe, this is a very interconnected dynamic, that you play a pivotal and crucial part in; without you there are many things that cannot happen. Without you as you are, not you as some finished product you imagine yourself building to. Everything that you have thought of, felt, imagined, feared, ... the full scope of that have been a pivotal and crucial part of that which happens elsewhere.

We would not kid you about this; it is too important in your awakening and in your learning to trust yourself. As you tie up your loose ends and pieces, your knots will be stronger and unravel less willingly, if you put the full energy of who you are into this work. That means claiming the validity and vitality of your being. The pivotal and crucial factor of you.

Humankind in its own form has a tendency to diminish itself; think of itself of less-than what it imagines as abstract spirit-form that is highly evolved. Close your eyes and let yourself imagine for a moment, how wonderful you are. See yourself as one of your own creations; excellent in composition, beautiful coloring, clever and imaginative design. It is one of the reasons you can take that and translate it into other forms like art, music, or relationships. You get that ability by drawing on yourself, and making many versions of you. Full of your love and consciousness.


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