Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the Guys: On The Body

"The real voyage of discovery
consists not of seeking new landscapes,
but of having new eyes”
~Marcel Proust~

We're going to be pushing some boundaries here...This has to do with trust. We have addressed some of your physical issues, but it is important for you to begin to trust that your body is totally capable of taking care of itself. That part is the tenuous thread for you.

There is a part of you that is in an adversarial position with your physicality. A love-hate relationship; a part that is not aligned with the validity of the body as a spiritual entity in space and time. You've been spending a lot of time in confusion. There is a love/hate relationship with physicality in general. You are very interested in being here, but also a philosophical confusion on the validity of being here. A lot of that gets projected onto the body.

You know how important it is for a child to be loved, to be nurtured, picked up and held. Even when when a child is raging, it is asking to be loved. In a sense, when the body is raging it is also asking for the same thing. To be loved.

There is a time available now for a new integration to happen, involving the spiritual part of who you are and the spiritual part of your body.

Your body is a separate entity and is in conscious co-operation with you, the inhabitant. In order for the new integration to happen, the adversarial part of the relationship must come to an end. That involves trust on your part.

Your body has a greater sense of trust of itself than of you. And, you don't have enough trust in you or your body, so your body is carrying the burden of trust for both of you. A very large burden. It has been carrying for centuries. But we are talking about a new time coming that allows new ways of being. That cannot happen when you are psychically, energetically or emotionally bound up in belief systems that cannot participate in this new opportunity.

So this is like reaching back into the bowels of time of playing with physicality, with all of the issues that have created negativity or judgment, that have participated in the good/bad, right/wrong experimentation on the planet. They are here now to be resolved.

From this point forward, the object of the game has changed. That means that you are going to go into a playtime with different aspects of your physical/spiritual connection by bringing more spirit into form. What will permit that to be more play than work, is the resolution of those other issues, and one of them is the adversarial position with your body

There has to be an understanding on your part that you are in co-operation with an entity that has a destiny and an agenda of its' own, and that has chosen willingly to house you. It has chosen to be part of some of the games you play. Mind/spirit/body are separate but are linked by a mutual agreement.

This is a multi-dimensional experience; as your mind switches around between past, present and future there are responsive physical changes in your body.

To facilitate physical cohesiveness while your mind flips in and out of time. That is a very complicated thing that humanity is doing. As you start to understand this, there is a level of respect that you will have to come to. It is analogous to the relationship of the Native American with the buffalo. They depended on the buffalo, even though the buffalo was slaughtered, used up, there was an enormous amount of reverence that went into the interaction; an appreciation for the total spiritual entity that was involved.

Another example might be the kind of respect, although this is not quite as deep, but it still applies, the kind of respect that a farmer might have for his plough horse. He took care of that horse as if it were gold, for in fact it was. His whole life depended on the relationship that he maintained with that animal.

You too have that complicated a relationship, and it is happening right where you live. There must be a level of respect, appreciation, admiration, awe even, for the absolute magic of the body, which has been your gracious host for all of these years. There is a tendency, that must be overcome, to take the body and everything that is working for granted, and focus, ...with a great deal of malice, ...on any little thing that goes wrong. It is the same as badmouthing and beating the plough horse for doing what you asked it to do.

Your body has been acting-out for you many of the dynamics that you have needed to understand, in order for you to tie up loose ends. It is important to start showing some gratitude for that act; some appreciation for all of the things that haven't gone wrong to complicate it. You've had a very clear, open arena to play this game in, your eyesight has been maintained, your tactile sensations, your legs work, your toenails grow. Everything has been working. Only very selective things have been breaking down at your request. It is time to start owning that mastery and that intention; to start realizing the responsibility for the intention is yours.

Your body is NOT an unwilling victim, but a willing participant. But you can now transcend that level of relationship. We would suggest some thought on this and then some shifting attention from the things that don't work to the things that do work. And if you do this conscientiously, as you do everything else, you will find that what is working far outweighs what is not working.

This has to involve a new level of trust for you. First, an understanding that your body is trustworthy. The very events that you have used to fuel the fears that it is not trustworthy, can actually be used to fuel the trust that it is. Selective breakdown. Extremely selective breakdown. And at your request. Not any old time, any old place breakdown. You can trust that your body knows the difference.

Your body will act out for you what you are not willing to act out for yourself. That was the agreement and it is living up to its' end of the agreement admirably; you can trust it. But if you set the intention to make a new agreement, you have a willing ally. You can trust that, too.


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