Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Guys - on Ignoring the Kid

I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health
love and abundance. Then, whenever doubt, anxiety or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal and soon they forget my number.

This is an excerpt from a session in which the client taked about how difficult it was for her to concentrate on anything when her Kid was "up". It starts with the Guys' commenting.

Guys: Part of the reason that you do that is that you don't trust your ability to ignore.

Think about how many things, on a day in and day out basis, you ignore routinely and effortlessly. Your ignoring muscle is extremely highly developed everywhere in your life, mastered, except around this Kid. When you make the decision that something's irrelevant, it then becomes easy to ignore it. You have flexibility in that ignoring muscle. It's not just an on or off switch...more like a "dimmer" switch. When you want to pay attention to the sounds around you in a restaurant for example, you can tune in and hear who's over there and hear who's over there...but when what you really want to do is to listen t o the person who's across from you then you bring in that muscle and it's as if the room gets very still and quiet. Your ignoring muscle responds to your desires with no argument. Except for this Kid.

The only reason this muscle doesn't operate as masterfully dealing with this Kid is that you're still not convinced that she's irrelevant. That is the key. There's still a part of you that's convinced that this stream of words or feelings has meaning...that it may somehow be important to you. That's the only reason that you pay any attention to it at all.

So your key to getting this ignoring muscle here as effortlessly as elsewhere is in the relevance issue. Your challenge, your work for now is to get the data into your consciousness about the irrelevance of this energy. This is going back to the basics. Whenever there's a problem it always helps to go back to the basics then work your way up to the more complex things.

Safety, security, survival is the voice of the Kid. So any feeling that you get, or thoughts you get, based on the premise that your safety, security, or survival is in jeopardy... at any time other then a gun is pointed at your head, your brakes just went out in the car, etc... anything other then clear and present danger, is the Kid. You as an adult do not have safety issues beyond the clear dangers we mentioned.

Unless you are incapacitated or incarcerated, you do not have security issues either. What that means is that the issues in your life are all manageable, you have every possible capacity within you to keep you as secure as possible in the present moment. You not dependent on the goodwill of others for your security and you have the capacity to secure yourself, if not physically immediately than emotionally immediately.

Look at the holocaust survivors. They are a testament to mans ability to stay solid and humane under any circumstances. An ability to stay within themselves to such a degree that they did not lose dignity or authority or authenticity under the most astonishing circumstances. Believe us when we say that anyone who has survived a childhood such as yours could, in an adult modality, survive a concentration camp. The rudiments are all there.

It's important for you to really get a clean, objective grasp on your power and authority in your life now. That is more important than anything else, because the fundamental difference between and adult and a child is power. The major manifestation of your power is that as an adult you can live with the consequences of your actions while as a child you could not.

An adult is capable of dealing with the consequences of their actions regardless of what they are... up to and including their own death. A child is not. An adult is capable of managing and even enjoying the consequences of their actions, a child is not.

We can assure you that information the Kid offers you will not make sense to you if you're standing in the adult territory... and if you understand the adult parameters.

Everything that this Kid has to say to you is about her impression of your life with her powerlessness as the base. Can you see how that makes it irrelevant to you? Can you see how reasonable it becomes to just ignore her?

When you get confused, find your orientation in the reality of your adult power.


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