Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Guys -On The Transition as a Game

Reality is not only stranger than we suppose
but stranger than we can suppose.
~J. B. S. Haldane~

Here's more on The Transition, and at the end a little excerpt from another session on staying the present.

Guys: Staying in the present is almost like a treasure hunt. That's what it feels like. And that's what the Transition is about. Getting you out of a scripted game and ready for a treasure hunt game, an ..."Improvisational Game". See, an "improvisation" is like a treasure hunt - you don't know what you're going to say...then you say it, but you don't know what's going to happen next. And then the other character says something, it's not scripted, so nobody knows what they're going to say. And it's not until you hear what's been said that you have any idea what's going to come next.

So it's basically taking your clues moment by moment, and waiting until the next clue shows up. You can't do this in a hierarchical game or a scripted game - that's not what the rules are all about. You can't do that in either of those games because there is always an external director, an agenda ... an external goal.

In an improvisation there's no director - everybody's equal. As a group, they decide what the game is going to be, and as individuals, they decide for themselves what they're going to do. They don't have to agree. It's a free for all.

That can only happen when know you're safe and you know that you don't need a leader. You don't need a "god" that is someone other than you to make sure that you do the "right" thing - see the "right" thing at the "right" time.

In the hierarchy, if you don't don't follow the script/director/god not only will you lose your place in the script but you'll jeopardize the entire game for everyone else and you'll piss them off, they may lose their places and then everyone will rot in hell and it'll be YOUR fault.

All right? - but breaking out of that game, ..that "your fault" game...and becoming comfortable playing an "Improvisational Game",... that treasure hunt game.. requires a transition. For that there is "The Transition Game", and this is it.

It's about getting comfort able staying out of the future and in the present. Getting familiar with who you really are, and who you're not so you can stop trying to be who you are not. Getting more information that you can work with about what your place is in the scheme of things ...really. Not in the evolutionary scheme of things or the karmic scheme of things, but in the actual scheme of things. Understanding how VERY safe you are. What really is going on here for you. What are the real rules are and aren't while you are here in the body. And so on...OK?

So understand, the Transition game is not the Improvisational game. You're going to practice improvising, ...but within a structure. That's what the Transition is for. So there are parts of it that are very free, and parts that require some kind of structure.

Meanwhile you're safe, so you don't have to worry about your safety. The Universe supports your transition 100%. You are completely safe. There is no aspect of you that is ever abandoned. Never has been, never will be. You are not on your own. You have a really good "spiritual support staff" that really love their jobs. You are not an imposition, You are not a chore, Nobody's going out of their way for you. They are just loving this whole thing, loving it! Watching what you do, watching where you go, how you think, how you stumble and how you pick yourself up. No draftees - everybody's a volunteer. So with this kind of support staff, all volunteers, all real happy, you get a chance to, in your own way at your own pace, clear the hierarchy out of your energy... psychologically, socially, spiritually...and deeply understand that "you are the divine incarnate walking the earth" and thus gain a willingness to surrender into your soul as being yourself. Make sense?

So in this process the Transition provides you enough support and structure that you can practice a little improvisation and discover... Hummmm... nobody shot you, the world didn't cave in, and everybody's fine even though you're not playing the way you used to.

Staying in the present...

Guys: If you can get more exercised in going, "Oh, this is interesting" when something happens... instead of "Oh, I bet this means this, and this means that, this must mean this, then I'll do this and then this will happen..."

If you can just go, "Oh, this is interesting, What am I feeling here? Curiosity? Interest? What do I want to do about this?" and keep bringing everything back into the present, back into the present. Because what's in the present, is everything you need to take your next step. Your next single step. When you take that step, everything that you need to take the next step will be delivered Special Delivery, to you one else, directly into your hand, so that you will know what you need to do next.

And when you do the next thing, you will keep getting Special Delivery packages, full of all of the information you need for the moment,... for your next move. So it's basically taking your clues moment by moment, and waiting until the next clue shows up.


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