Friday, September 01, 2006

The Guys On: being "The Divine Incarnate"

"The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth
may very well be another profound truth."

~ Niels Bohr~

This is an excerpt from a session where the relationship between being human and being divine was brought up for discussion.

GUYS: Have you heard the concept of the "Over-Soul"?

Client: Yes, kind's been awhile, though.

GUYS: Well, it's just a term that we're pulling out because the words kind of line up with your energy now. So when we talk about you being "the divine incarnate walking the earth", the mechanical part that is you at this moment ...your human identity, is an aspect of a larger personality that embraces your current identity...rather than your current identity being the sole aspect of your being.

So, ... look at it this way. You are someone who can cook. There is also a part of you that can swim...and a part of you that can drive...a part of you that can teach...a part that can pack a suitcase and so on. Each one one of those abilities were learned , and while they were being learned they took up your full attention. And the part of you that can do all of those things, surrendered to the learning process of each one of those aspects. So, in the same way there's a YOU that is surrendering into being the you that you are now... it has surrendered into being other you-s that gave you other skills and other talents and other vantage points. Does that make sense?

Client: Yes...that's interesting.

Guys: So we've talked about it like this...when you're in the kitchen making an omelet, and you're being the cook and you're surrounded with all of your cook-stuff,... how useful is it for you to be thinking about the fact that you can also change a tire?

Client laughs

GUYS: And how useful is it to be in touch with that part of you that can play the piano and drive a car? Why bother with that when what you're trying to do is make an omelet and be the cook? It doesn't eliminate the other things that you can do from your repertoire... it doesn't make you "less" that you choose to focus on making an omelet, and on being in the kitchen, for now. It's just an aspect of you that you've chosen to put your undivided attention into...for now. When you're done with that, you'll leave the kitchen and go do whatever there is for you to do based on your other skills an desires.

That seems reasonable doesn't' it? It certainly doesn't diminish you in anyway.

Client: It's funny...because I've always thought about coping with terminal illness or knowledge of imminent death, ..and there's a place that this breaks down pretty neatly between Kid and Adult...but from an Adult place I can easily imagine it not being a really big deal, yet I walk into the doctor's office and he's raising these big issues and then all of a sudden it's a VERY big deal. (laughs)...and I think, now wait a minute. where did the the other part of me go? ... that part that's available to me, at least in the abstract.

Guys: That's a good question. Where did it go?

Client: I don't know.

Guys: Part of you was actually observing the process, wasn't it?

Client: uh-huh

Guys: It's a nice opportunity for you to just notice that there is more to you than what you've always thought there was. So, great.. we bring in the vantage point of kid and adult, but you've had other language and other concepts for the different facets of what comprises your identity. So just stepping back a little and observing the implications of that, can give you a broader perspective or a wider doorway into appreciating your own complexity.

Client: So why have I spent so much time in a part of myself that's so impoverished?

Guys: Notice the judgment on that. If you start from the premise that we present... that all adventure in your reality is about limits and boundaries. There is no aspect of spirit that comes into a 3 dimensional space with time (or a reality that requires manifestation of any kind) that isn't interested in limitation and boundary. Because spirit, on it's own, is unlimited and unbounded. Then, impoverished in any the definition that you use of impoverished... is a greater surrender to more limitation. From our vantage point, it is a good thing. It represents that part of you that's going deeper into a limitation in order to be able to see what opportunities come when you take away the kinds of things that would be distracting. It's the "universe in a grain of sand" concept. If you keep getting smaller and smaller and pop into the bigger. OK? so if you look at it from that vantage point and then you ask the question again..."why would I choose that?"...then the only logical conclusion is Mastery. Does that make sense?

It really is a matter of shifting your vantage point. Then all rational for judging anything becomes goofy. We've always said that if you're judging,... you just don't have enough information. Period. But... you can get more information just from stepping back. It'll give you a broader vantage point. You'll be able to see more...if that doesn't do it, then step back some more...if you still don't get it, step back some more until you can see the whole picture. Then all of a sudden, the piece that looks like it's wrong will show it's perfect fit.

So to bring that in closer to home...the part of you that may be judging your mother, or husband or any one else... just hasn't stepped back far enough to stop taking them personally. If you step back far enough, you will see that what ever it is that you're judging about them has nothing to do with you...then it becomes a curiosity, a point of interest about them...or not. And if you don't find it of interest, you'll have no problem ignoring it because it's not about you.