Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Guys: On The 3 You-s

People are living with three different “you-s” and if you don’t know which “you”is being addressed, there’s going to be a lot of confusion. Is it the Spirit/Soul "you", is it the Adult "you", or is it the Child "you". So... who is in charge of your reality.

The new age says “You create your reality” but it doesn’t distinguish these three “you-s”, and separate them out. Can you see where there is a lot of confusion that is born instantaneously, because the child reads it as “I”, the adult reads it as “I”, when in fact it’s the Spirit “You”... not somebody else’s spirit or soul, it’s yours. It is the aspect of you that has more perspective than you do while you’re in the body.

Which then means then you have to look at the situation and recognize that there is a part of you that’s in the body and a part of you that out of the body.

Then that breaks down into two yous. The “in-the-body you” and the “out-of-body you.” And the “in-the-body you” breaks down into to two yous, the “kid you” and the “adult you”.

At this point, it becomes really useful to separate out the metaphysics from the psychology when you start doing the exploration. Are you talking about the in-the-body "you”? Until you have one “you” in the body, and it is the Adult "you", (with the child playing only a very minor role because the adult recognizes the child),... until you have that, you ought to be talking about psychological issues, separate from spiritual issues, for the most part.

When you have mostly one "you" in the body, then things can start to merge, because the adult "you" is going to be much more capable of being in communion, so to speak, with the out-of-body "you”. (All of this make sense?) Because as a adult, you are completely capable of understanding your limitation of being in the body...your lack of vision, not no vision, but lack of the kind of vision that the “out-of-body-you” has. The capacity to see the big picture is very limited when you’re in the body because you’re trapped within the molecular and chemical reality—electromagnetic capacity, the neurological, the biological.


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