Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Guys: On Limits and Boundaries

This is a very short snipit on limits and boundaries. I'll post more on this subject as I ferret out of other sessions.

QUESTION: How can I break through my ordinary consciousness and be less limited.

GUYS: Yes, but you see, the purpose of being here is to be MORE limited, so... it doesn't work that way.

This entire system, which is a universe unto itself -- three-dimensional space with time, multi dimensional spaces with all kinds of different varieties of time... are all based on a single premise: limits and boundaries ... parameters, beginnings, endings, containers, confinements. The entire universe was built to play with limitation.

When you move into a body, such as this, whose whole purpose and being is to stretch the limits of "finity" see how finite the infinite can create. The whole system that you're in is about limits and boundaries.

To push the frontiers of limits and boundaries is NOT to become unlimited and boundless, because that's where you started, but to see how much more use you can make of , how much more you can explore... "finity".


At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this article when I saw the Summer notes earlier. My comment relates to both of your posts Ava.

Since we are exploring limits and boundaries in the transition, I would prefer you keep the blog open to the public. I think there are those who may get excited tripping across this info. And it's easy enough to post a comment with complete anonymity.

This post is a nice twist on how to embrace the concept of being limited in an unlimited universe. I just love how the guys "talk different" to each of us, though the information remains in sync across the territiry.

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, support making this a public blog. Alex


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