Friday, July 29, 2005

The Guys: On Being Safe

"Look to the day with quiet eyes and an open heart
for this day is alive with wonder and
blessed with miracles."
~ unknown~

This is another session transcript. I've left out the beginning because it's too revealing of the client's identity, so it starts mid-way in the conversation.

The Guys:
Why do you think are you so exhausted?

Client: Because I’m fighting something.. I don’t know...

The Guys:
Exactly. You're fighting it because you’re forgetting that you’re SAFE!

Client: (tears) I think I just remembered….

The Guys:
So when you get upset. When you get frazzled. When you get overloaded… it’s because you're forgetting that you’re safe! That kid will tell you something’s going wrong here… “Danger, danger, danger, danger!”

You see, we have nothing but respect. We look at all of you and go, “How do you DO it?” You can do it because you’re all masters. You’re masters playing a "Master's Game". This is a master’s game. Don’t forget that. There are NO NEW SOULS here. The whole idea that this is some kind of kindergarten is so laughable… we’ve said this to you before… that’s so goofy! Beyond goofy! But within the hierarchy… well, they can peddle that and get away with it because it's part of that game. But stepping out of the hierarchy, it’s nonsense. This is a masters’ game.

Client: Everyone on the planet ia a Master?

The Guys:
No exceptions. It doesn’t matter whether you like what they’re doing, or don’t like it. Fear it, or don’t fear it. Agree with it, or don’t agree with it. Envy it or don’t envy it. It just doesn’t matter. Everyone is a master playing a masters’ game. No exceptions. There’s not ONE exception. Unless you're a master, you can’t get in. It’s kind of like "you have to be this tall" to get on a ride at the amusement park! All right?

So these are very important things for you to actually refresh yourself with. That’s why we say, “Every breath you take, every move you make is about the Transition and nothing else. You’re here because you want to be here. You’re here because you CAN be here. You have built the muscle to be here! And you are utterly, completely, inescapably safe!

Client: Ooh, the kid gets confused here.

The Guys:
Very confused… Which is why, again, it’s very important for YOU not to be confused about that. And to have that front and center in your mind. So, in the Transition, consciousness is everything. What you do, what you don’t do is irrelevant because everything that you do or don’t do… every choice you make or don’t make… for whatever reason, is about the Transition and nothing else.

The Transition is about enhancing your consciousness of who you are and who you’re not! Because who you are is the divine incarnate walking the earth, no “if, ands or buts!” Whether you feel like it or not doesn’t matter . You ARE it. All it! No fractions. No decimal points. All right?

Excellent. It's our pleasure, as always, and good day.


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