Monday, July 04, 2005

Quips and quotes from The Guys

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

The quips and quotes below were emailed to me this morning from a client. With her permission, and a few edits for privacy, I am sharing them with you.

Please send in your favorite quips and/or quotes if you'd enjoy sharing them here...Ava


" These are some things The Guys have said and I remind myself frequently:

-Nothing has any inherent meaning.. as creative beings, we ASSIGN meaning, like naming our pets...

-The Universe is 100% for you and Zero% against you ( but you already knew that!)

-This is The Olympics of Consciousness........ Enjoy the show.

-This is a Game of Manifestation.

-You LOVE the Truth.

-Form is RARE in the Universe.

-We are the Divine Incarnate Walking the Earth.

-We did not come here to have an experience of merging, but to have an experience of UNIQUENESS.

This one REALLY rocked my boat:
-You do not have to TELL the TRUTH to anyone... any part of what you share with anyone is a gift. You can even LIE to someone, as long as you know that you are lying. All that really matters is that you don't lie to YOURSELF!

-Bringing the Unconscious to Consciousness

-That's "Kid Think"

-Whatever ingenious techniques the kid devised for your survival are almost always in your way as an adult

-Safety and Survival are precepts of the Game of Hierarchy. We are in a transition Game, moving into the option of playing a non-hierarchical game

-That the body LOVES all of it's processes, like digestion, it is ECSTATIC to digest ANYTHING!

-That we are ALL MASTERS

-That my cat’s Death created a bridge for me to the formless that I hadn't had in a long time.

-That I didn't love my dad, that in fact, I didn't even like him... that I WISHED I had a Father I could love.

Here's the first thing The Guys ever said to me that totally changed my life:
-That it didn't matter whether I stayed with my husband or I didn't stay with with my husband.

-With a little curiosity you can ALWAYS find a way to see the glass half full."


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